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Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) is the best video software creator for blogger, marketers and bussiness online owner.

BY ALEX COLLINS, JAN 29, 2020 03:00 AM

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Vidnami is an online video creator software. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to produce fast, easy, and professional-looking videos within short minutes.


Video marketing is a type of content marketing, an internet marketing technique in which individuals or businesses create short videos to promoting their brands, products, services, or other specific topics. It can convey messages faster and more efficiently than any different kind of content.

Quick Video Marketing Stats

  • 64% of marketers say video will take the upper half of their strategies very soon, according to Nielsen.
  • 69% is the amount of consumer internet traffic that video content will account for in the near future, told Cisco.
  • 70% of marketers interviewed for a Vidyard’s report say that video gets them higher conversions than any other type of content.
  • 73% of U.S. adults are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching an online video explaining it.
  • Videos attract 300% more traffic than any other kind of content.
  • Two times more in only four years in US digital video ad spending is the prediction an eMarketer research made.

Video Marketing Benefits

  • It helps to build your brand, beginning with increasing the brand’s trust and awareness.
  • It helps in engaging prospective customers. The people will know you better and feel more inclined to buy from you.
  • It helps to improve your site, reducing bounce rates, more time on site, Google ranks pages with videos higher.
  • It develops your email marketing campaigns. Link to or embed a video in an email to increase your open and click-through rates and reducing your unsubscribe rates.
  • It will help you improve your conversions, leads.

Everything You Need To Create Professional Marketing Videos with Vidnami

 Have you ever wanted to create a sale video, but the technical issues have always prevented you from getting started?

Believe me, I know what it's like.

There's nothing more disappointing than having spent hours trying to use video software editor, only to then failure of making a sale video.

To avoid being left behind, you need someone who can explain how the technology works step-by-step, in simple words, without all the complicated jargon.

That's why today, I'm delighted to share with you my latest product - Vidnami.


What Is Vidnami ?

Vidnami is an online video creator software. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to produce fast, easy, and professional-looking videos within short minutes.

You can use it to create a quick video for social media sites, blog posts, influencer videos, instant ads, sales videos, online courses, property listing.

Vidnami Features

Let me show you the features of Vidnami


  • Cloud-based sofware. 
  • Easy to use without any techical problem.
  • Fantastic customer support.
  • Script to the video creator.
  • 14 million royalty free million images already in their database.
  • 14 text-to-speech voiceovers in different languages.


  • Good internet speed is required: Vidnami needs good internet speed to load background images and video clips from its database for each slide. 500 Kb/sec internet speed is good enough.


Vidnami offers 7-day free trial so that you can try it yourself. Vidnami doesn’t ask your credit card details for that 7-day free trial. If you like this software then you may subscribe to premium membership. The best part about Vidnami is, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Vidnami is the continuous upgrades and improvements to the system. Some of the recent updates have impressed me; for example, one of the upgrades they made late last year was the addition of automated voice overs.

It has fourteen different texts to speech voice-overs that will read the script for you. Not only that, but unlike many of the other software tools with text to speech technology that sound robotic, Vidnami voice overs are the most realistic I have heard.

However, you can also add your voice or any music track. Vidnami provides a wide selection of royalty-free tracks, or you can upload your own.

Another exclusive update they made was partnering up with Storyblocks videos, which give you access to 350,000 HD video clips that you can use for any videos you create with Vidnami.

Storyblocks has its monthly subscription plan, but with access to the Vidnami, you will have access to all the HD clips you need without the extra costs.

Other features include:

  • Over 125 million stock images
  • Adding watermarks
  • Full motion video backgrounds
  • Over 40 video templates

Vidnami creates professionally looking videos that attract more viewers. These videos can get you viral video views. You can easily able to create the "Top 10" type videos to build an authority YouTube channel.

And the unique thing when you use Vidnami, it will not require you to install any application on your computer or laptop. Vidnami is hosted on Amazon's web server. So you don't need to install anything.

It takes all of the features of other video makers.

It combines them into one excellent online tool that every internet marketer or small business owner, you don't need to download or install anything on your computer.

And best of all, Vidnami offers a 7-day trial without the need for a credit card, so you know they won't just automatically take your money after your trial ends as many companies do.

"Video convey messages faster and more efficiently than any different kind of content".

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vidnami Discount & Free Trial Offer

Vidnami biggest con is probably its price. A monthly fee of $47 might be too much for someone just getting started (although other video creation platforms usually cost around two times more).

Occasionally, a few discount promotions are going on that can significantly lower its price by a lot (and for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after taking those discount deals).

Vidnami 25% OFF Discount Offer

Thankfully, you can get Vidnami at a 25% discount off its reasonable price. (This link will send you directly to the checkout page.) So, instead of its retail price of $47, you'll only pay $35, saving you $12 a month forever (again, for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after clicking on the previous link and taking advantage of this discount deal).

Example Videos – Made With Vidnami

 Content Videos: Transform your old blog posts into viral content videos with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Real Estate Videos: Increase your enquiries by over 400% by creating professional property listings.

Facebook Ads: Generate traffic to your website by creating high converting Video Ads for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Course Videos: Share your knowledge with the world by quickly creating video content for all your online courses.

Final Thoughts

Having a video marketing strategy is more important than ever before as more and more consumers prefer videos to learn and keep informed about businesses and their products.

Videos have a high conversion rate, and if you want your business to have the best chance at success, you will need to produce videos.

Vidnami is a cloud app, and it is simple to use, and you can create a high-quality video in minutes.

You also do not worry about the technical issue while using this cloud app, Vidnami team behind this product is also behind one of the leading keyword research tools that have been supported and maintained for nearly ten years now.

Vidnami is well supported and continues to evolve, it is the best software of its kind, and I highly recommend it.


Special Features:


Built-in Media: Over 790,000 Royalty Free video clips, and 112,000,000 high quality images to choose from.


Royalty Free Music: Over 125,000 Royalty Free music tracks let you quickly find the perfect soundtrack for every video.


Upload Your Own Media: Upload your own images, video clips, and music tracks directly into Vidnami.


Professional Templates: Choose from over 100 professional video templates for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.


The Power of Voice: Record your own voice, use AutoVoice to instantly convert your text to speech, or upload a pre-recorded voice track.


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Vidnami uses artificial intelligence to analyse your text and automatically selects clips which slashes the time it takes to create videos.

Statisfaction Guarantee

Vidnami offers 7-Day Free Trial

Vidnami gives 7-day free trial for using the software.

It is meaning that you can try the tool risk-free (and get to keep any videos you create with it) without spending a single dime.

If you want to try it, you can opt to get it.

If not, you'll be able to cancel your account again, without spending any money, no questions asked.

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Everything You Need To Create Professional Marketing Videos

Vidnami is an online video creator software. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to produce fast, easy, and professional-looking videos within short minutes.

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