Quick Answer: What Happens If We Don’T Use WhatsApp For 2 Months?

Can someone be online on WhatsApp without it showing?

A lot of people on WhatsApp have tweaked their privacy settings to turn off Last Seen, Read Receipts etc but the chat app cannot hide your online status.

If you are online, it will show the person the other side that you are online.

The online message appears in the chat window just below your name..

How can I hide someone on WhatsApp without blocking them?

How To Stop Receiving Messages On WhatsApp Without BlockingOpen WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.Press and hold the name of the contact you want to mute.Click on the mute icon at the top.Select the duration of mute.

How long does it take for WhatsApp to deactivate an account?

If you delete your account: It may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete your WhatsApp information.

Can I reactivate my deleted WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp will get it deactivated and within 30 days the account gets deleted permanently. If you wish to reactivate it on your other Android/iOS device, you got to reactivate within that 30 days timeframe.

How do you know if someone is online on WhatsApp without opening the chat?

See who is online without opening WhatsApp After downloading the app, go to its settings. Select the Main / Chat screen option given here. Now choose the Contact Online Toast option. Choose Show contact online toast.

What happens if I uninstall WhatsApp without deleting my account?

When you uninstall WhatsApp, people can still send you messages. … Only when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will receive those messages and missed call notifications. However, when you have deleted your WhatsApp account, you won’t receive messages that were sent when your account was deleted.

How do I block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing?

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp without letting them knowOpen WhatsApp on your Android device.Tap on the utility button at the topmost right of your screen and tap on Settings.Tap on account.Tap on privacy, scroll down and tap on blocked contacts.More items…•Jun 5, 2021

How can I freeze my last seen on WhatsApp?

Below the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” tab, you’ll see a tab that says “Account”.Tap on “Account” to go to your account settings.Tap on “Privacy” (the first tab) to go to your privacy settings.Tap on the “Last Seen” tab to proceed to your “Last Seen” privacy settings.Tap on “Nobody” to freeze your “Last Seen” on WhatsApp.Jan 13, 2021

What happens if my WhatsApp has been inactive for months?

WhatsApp keeps an undelivered message only for 30 days in their servers. However, if you are inactive for three months, they delete you from all the groups you are a part of. If you have a backup, then if you reinstall, you can restore all the messages in the backup.

Can I deactivate WhatsApp for a while?

Go to your phone settings (under the general Android settings) >> Apps>> Open list of Apps>>Select WhatsApp. Then click on ‘Force stop’. Then disable ‘Background data’ (inside Data option) and finally, revoke all app permissions for WhatsApp.

What happens if I don’t use WhatsApp for a long time?

To maintain security, limit data retention, and protect the privacy of our users, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity means the user hasn’t connected to WhatsApp. … When a user reregisters for WhatsApp on the same device, their locally stored content will reappear.

How do you know if a WhatsApp account is deleted?

How to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp AccountYou won’t able to see his last seen status. … You can’t see his/her online status. … You won’t see his/her profile picture at all. … Send a message and expect for a two ticks.More items…•Apr 21, 2018

Why WhatsApp messages are deleted automatically?

WhatsApp offers a self-destruct mode for chats. When you enable this for a particular group or private conversation, the messages are automatically wiped from your and the recipient’s phone after a week. Here’s how to access it.

Will WhatsApp get automatically deleted?

Beware! Your Whatsapp Account Can Be Deleted Automatically After 120 Days If You Do Not Do This. If you are a WhatsApp user, you must be careful, or else your WhatsApp account will be deleted after 120 days if you do not follow the new rules of the instant messaging app.

How can I use WhatsApp without SIM 2020?

Just follow the steps below to use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number or SIM card.Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC. Open up the WhatsApp application on your phone, tablet or PC.Enter Your Home Phone/Landline number. … Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail. … Enter the Verification Code. … Complete the Setup Process.

How can I be invisible on WhatsApp?

Go to ‘Account’ Hit ‘Privacy’ Head to ‘Status’ Select ‘Only Share With…’ and DON’T select any contacts, meaning your status will appear blank to everyone.

What happens when WhatsApp account is deleted?

What will happen if you delete your WhatsApp account? The company says that once you delete your WhatsApp account, you won’t be able to regain access to it and you will then have to create a new account. … Your information isn’t available to you on WhatsApp during this time.

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