Quick Answer: Does Thea Die?

Does Alex die in Arrow?

In fact, this character was brought on for the sheer purpose of being Thea’s love interest.

Alex will end up dying by Thea’s hand and lead her down an even darker path; 2.).

Does Thea marry Roy?

Thankfully, Roy gets another chance to speak to her later on and surprises both Thea and us by asking her to marry him. … But the time for heartbreak is over and Thea agrees to marry Roy, under the condition that he won’t ever withdraw from her like that again, a promise he’s more than happy to make.

Who killed Thea?

In the season eight episode “Starling City”, it is revealed that Thea’s Earth-2 counterpart died upon overdosing on the Vertigo drug. Consumed by Thea’s loss, this Earth’s Tommy Merlyn becomes Dark Archer and plans revenge on the Glades, where Thea was found dead, by destroying it until Oliver talks him out of it.

Does Felicity turn evil?

The one that hits the hardest, though, is the discovery that Felicity Smoak, Original Team Arrow member has become a supervillain by the name of the Calculator. … Yep, Dinah outlives Felicity. She tells William that Felicity became the new Calculator, taking the name from her evil father.

Is Diggle a Green Lantern?

The Flash’s showrunner has hinted that season 7 will explore John Diggle’s future as Green Lantern. The character first appeared in Arrow but is set to reprise the role in a number of forthcoming episodes across the Arrowverse.

Does Thea come back?

EW has confirmed that Willa Holland, who played Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) sister Thea Queen (the best Queen), is returning for and will recur in the eighth and final season. … In season 5, however, Holland decided to take a step back from the show, and her episode count was reduced.

Does Thea die in Siren?

But it doesn’t take long for a secret to come out. Turns out, she didn’t die in a pile of rubble. Threatening Dinah’s life, Quentin shot Black Siren and left her to die. At the end of the episode, we see a helicopter land on Lian Yu and revive Black Siren.

Does Felicity die?

The Arrow series finale quietly killed off Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) in its final scene. … Felicity finally came back for Oliver’s funeral, where she reunited with John Diggle (David Ramsey) and the rest of Team Arrow, and met her adult daughter (played by Katherine McNamara) for the first time.

Why did they kill off Thea in Arrow?

According to Arrowverse producer Mark Guggenheim, she was written out of the show due to a decision made by the actress [via EW]. Apparently, season 6 was the end of Willa Holland’s Arrow contract. Guggenheim said that Holland told them at the end of season 4 that she wanted more time for herself.

What happened with Earth-1 and Thea?

On Earth-1, Thea did overdose on Vertigo on her 18th birthday (in the Arrow season 1 episode “Trust But Verify”) but she got in a car crash, which she survived.

Did Nyssa al Ghul die on Lian Yu?

Characters Who Are Possibly Dead Team Arrow and allies managed to defeat Prometheus’ forces in the temple of Lian Yu. Nyssa al Ghul won her showdown with her sister, and Quentin gave Dinah the assist in taking down Black Siren. … If she was still in her cage when Prometheus activated the explosives, she has to be dead.

Does Felicity get pregnant?

The big news: Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is pregnant with Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) baby, and their daughter will grow up to become Blackstar (Katherine McNamara) in the future.

Is Ra’s al Ghul immortal?

The character of Ra’s al Ghul is considered “nearly immortal” in the DC universe. He is nearly immortal because he can cheat death due to the powers of the Lazarus pit. This allows Ra’s al Ghul to possess longevity, rejuvenation and youth restoration abilities. However, he can still be killed like any mortal.

How did Thea Queen die?

Despite a misdirect early in Arrow’s Season 6 premiere that seemed to reveal that Thea Queen (Willa Holland) aka Speedy died in the Lian Yu explosion, it was actually revealed later in the hour that she survived and ended up in a coma.

Does Ras kill Thea?

Thea’s Storyline Takes A Huge Twist On ‘Arrow’ Not only did Roy leave Arrow (possibly for good), but now Thea has been killed by Ra’s al Ghul himself. … Based on what was revealed during next week’s promo, Thea could get resurrected by the Lazarus Pit.

Does Nyssa marry Oliver?

Nyssa marries Oliver. After Oliver’s team was captured and infected with the Alpha Omega virus, she married Oliver and the “union is sealed” as said by the Priestess.

Who defeated Ra’s al Ghul?

1 Would Demolish Him – Batman While Bruce usually fights his rogues utilizing his vast arsenal of tools and armor, he has defeated Ra’s without any, even managing to win while completely unarmed.