Question: How Do You Zoom Out On Final Cut Pro?

How do you change the view in Final Cut Pro?

To open the Final Cut Pro angle viewer, choose View > Show in Viewer > Angles (or press Shift-Command-7).

To change the switch mode, do one of the following: Enable video and audio switching: Click the left switch mode button in the top-left corner of the angle viewer.

This is the default setting..

How do you change frame size in Final Cut Pro?

Click the Video button at the top of the inspector. Click the Frame Sampling pop-up menu in the Rate Conform section of the Video inspector, then choose a method of conforming frame rate. Note: If the selected clip has the same frame rate as the project, the Rate Conform section doesn’t appear in the Video inspector.

Can you delete Final Cut Pro cache?

With your library selected in Final Cut, go to File > Delete Generated Library Files. Unused Renders should be selected by default, so hit ok. … Now, you can certainly delete the cache file via finder.

How do I stretch a timeline in Final Cut?

Zoom in to and out of the timeline using the Zoom sliderIn Final Cut Pro, click the Clip Appearance button in the top-right corner of the timeline. The clip appearance controls appear.Do any of the following: Zoom in to the timeline: Drag the Zoom slider to the right, or press Command-Plus Sign (+).

How big of a file is Final Cut Pro?

At over 3GB, Final Cut Pro is a hefty download, so make sure you have enough local storage.

How do you color correct in Final Cut Pro?

Add color corrections in Final Cut ProChoose Window > Go To > Color Inspector (or press Command-6).Click the Enhancements pop-up menu below the viewer and choose Show Color Inspector.Click the Color button at the top of the inspector.In the Video inspector, click the Color button to the right of a color correction to open it in the Color inspector.

How do I free up space in Final Cut Pro?

Delete event render filesIn the Libraries sidebar in Final Cut Pro, select one or more events in the same library.Choose File > Delete Generated Event Files.In the window that appears, select Delete Render Files.Select whether to delete unused render files or all render files, then click OK.

Why is my Final Cut Pro file so big?

Final Cut Pro is likely creating proxy and optimised copies of your original media. By default, these temporary files are stored within your Final Cut Pro libraries. You can change the location of temporary files, see Final Cut Pro X: Manage storage locations.

Why is Final Cut taking up so much space?

Final Cut creates something called a render file when you add effects to your Final Cut Pro project. This allows smooth-ish scrolling on the timeline with the effects present so you can see what it looks like in real-time. A cool feature, but it takes up a ton of hard drive space.

How do I change aspect ratio in Final Cut?

In final cut, you can change the aspect ratio like this: Select the Clip or clips you want to change. Press Cmd+4 to open inspector and click “Info”. In the lower left corner of the inspector window, change pop up menu to settings.

How do I reset Final Cut Pro layout?

Final Cut will remember your interface settings when you quit and restart FCP X. If you need to reset Final Cut’s layout back to its default settings, choose Window > Revert to Original Layout.

Does Final Cut Pro save automatically?

Final Cut Pro automatically saves all the changes you make as you work on a project, which means you never have to save changes manually. Backups include the database portion of libraries only, not the media files. … Backups are saved with the time and date in the filename.