Question: How Do I Log Into TikTok If I Forgot My Password And Email?

How can I recover my banned Tiktok account?

Part 2: How to get the permanently banned tiktok account back?Step 1: Go to “Profile” firstly.Step 2: Then, head to the “Privacy and Settings” option.Step 3: Once done, simply tap on “Report a Problem”.Step 4: Subsequently, click the option saying, “Account Issue”Step 5: Finally, tap on “Add an Email”..

How can I access Tiktok without an account?

TikTok viewer is a tool to watch the tiktok videos without an account and log in. Anyone can enter the website and search for the username or hashtag or even keywords to publicly watch any published videos. You cannot watch the private videos using a tiktok viewer, for it does not have access to the private profiles.

What is my TikTok password?

On the login page, select Forgot password? A dialog box will pop up, asking whether you want to reset your password using your phone number or your email address. The process is virtually the same in both methods: TikTok will send you a six-digit code to your email address or phone number.

How do I delete old TikTok account without password or email?

You do that by following the “Forgot my password” or “Can’t log in” or equivalent link on the service’s login page. Follow the instructions to recover access to your account. Once you have access, you can delete the account if you still want to.

How do I know my TikTok password?

Type in the answer to your security question and click “Submit” An email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password. Immediately open the email and click the link. When the page opens, enter your new password and click “Reset Password”.

Can someone see if I viewed their TikTok without an account?

Can people see if I view their TikTok profiles without an actual account? No. people can see who viewed their TikTok profile if you use a TikTok account. If you visit someone else profile, they will get a notification on their notification bar.

Can you view TikToks without the app?

While the TikTok app is easily the best way to locate and enjoy the internet’s best TikToks, you don’t need it to watch the videos housed on the TikTok website. A visit to will let you locate thousands of videos.

How do I get my old musical ly account back?

Since is not an app anymore, you can’t get back any of your old videos.

How can I access my TikTok account without password or email?

To get your old TikTok account back without a password, you can log in with your phone number. TikTok will then send a 4-digit code to your phone number that you need to key in before you can log in to your account. Alternatively, you can reset your password on the login screen > Forgot password? > Phone number/Email.

How do I access my old TikTok account?

How to recover your TikTok accountOpen the TikTok app on your mobile device’s home screen.On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, tap the profile icon.On the profile screen, tap “Sign up.”At the bottom of the sign-up screen, tap “Log in” next to “Already have an account?”More items…•May 29, 2020

How can I recover my TikTok account with username?

Tap “Log in.” Select “Use phone/email/username” and log in with your account information. After logging in, TikTok will inform you that your account was deactivated. Tap “Reactivate” to recover the account.

Can Tik Tok delete your account?

Open the TikTok app, and tap the “Me” profile button in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. Tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Select “Manage my account” and then tap “Delete account” at the bottom of the screen.

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